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What Does A Charity Website Builder Do? | 5th Jun 2020

A professional charity website builder is the individual or organisation who is going to make your charity shine online. Most charity website builders will identify themselves as charity web designers or charity web developers, some might even be quite specific, but in the end from your point of view it… Read More

Meet Us: Jonathan Edwards | 22nd May 2020

Name: Jonathan Edwards
Location: Harpenden
Job: Graphic designer

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Meet Us: Nathan Edwards | 15th May 2020

Name: Nathan Edwards
Location: Rural Fife, Scotland
Job: Web Developer

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How to Build a Charity Website | 6th May 2020

When the time comes to build a website for your charity it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many options available, from website builders to five figure design studio sites the options can be daunting. Do you even need a website? Isn’t a… Read More

How social media can connect your charity with those in need | 31st Jan 2018

Social media is about making connections. It’s about knowing who needs your services – and helping them to find you. Your charity’s Facebook and Twitter pages can help you reach those who you might otherwise miss. They’re a way of keeping in touch with your service users, and finding out… Read More

What makes a good charity website? | 29th Nov 2017

Good website ideas aren’t always easy to come by, and for most people it’s quite hard to define what actually makes a good website. So in today’s post we’re going to take a look at what makes a good charity website - in the most part these points will… Read More

6 steps to top quality website content | 15th Oct 2017

Writing good quality website content can be harder than you think. You need to juggle several plates at the same time. Drop one plate, and they all fall down. Keep them spinning, and your business gets a huge boost.

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Learn how to make your website stand out - let us review it for SEO! | 4th Oct 2017

You want your website to be found - to stand out from the crowd among the thousands of other sites out there. There is a niche of people who will love your website or the services you offer from it but you're just not reaching them. Dealing with the dark magic… Read More

What should a charity website do? | 25th Jul 2017

Three weeks ago now, I wrote about What is a charity website for? and this is the follow up post where I'll explore how a website can accomplish those aims.

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What is a charity website for? | 5th Jul 2017

I ask everyone we make a website for a variation on the following question; what do you want your website to accomplish? It probably shouldn't surprise me, but it does, but every time I ask that question it becomes apparent that though most people are clear what they want their website to… Read More