What makes a good charity website?

Nathan Edwards on 29th Nov 2017

What makes a good charity website?

Good website ideas aren’t always easy to come by, and for most people it’s quite hard to define what actually makes a good website. So in today’s post we’re going to take a look at what makes a good charity website - in the most part these points will apply to other websites too.

  1. First and foremost a good charity website must meet its aims which should be in line with the aims of the organisation. Take a look at these posts for what those aims should be and how to meet them. There’s no use having a website that does a great job of listing the upcoming committee meetings but not informing your visitors of what you actually do. A good website will be tailor made to fulfil your aims.

  2. A good website design must engage the user visually. Much like any advertising media the eye needs to be caught by what matters most and that information must be presented in a way that matters to the user.

  3. Flowing from that good website content needs to persuade the user, whether that’s that volunteering would be worth their time, that they would make a difference; that your cause is deserving of their money or that it’s worth their while filling out your school uniform grant form.

  4. A good charity website should allow you to follow up, usually by providing an option for people to leave their email address so you and your volunteers can contact prospective volunteers, donors and applicants.

  5. A website needs to be up to date to be a good website. Having out of date content suggests that you’re not really serious about your work to your users and also google really likes fresh new content.

It’s definitely far easier to make a bad website than a good one and making a good website requires expertise in design, writing and building. We have that expertise, so how do you make a good website? Email us!

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