Meet Us: Jonathan Edwards

22nd May 2020

Meet Us: Jonathan Edwards

Name: Jonathan Edwards
Location: Harpenden
Job: Graphic designer

Explain your role in a website build.

I design the layout along with the typography and colour palette.

What makes design exciting to you?

I enjoy the whole production process from concept to delivery. In addition it is great to hear that the client has used the product and received good responses from customers.

Who are some of your inspirations?

The Arts and Crafts Movement, good typography, the creative arts and my degree course lecturers.

What’s your favourite bit of work you’ve done?

A programme for a charity art exhibition held at a local stately home.

Any work you wish you could take back?

Not really, but in hindsight there are jobs that could have been done better.

If you could be paid to design anything, what would it be?

I would like to combine a piece of information print with a public access outdoor environmental project.

What is your favourite typeface?

Gill Sans

How did you starting designing?

I attended an art foundation course before going on to a graphic design degree course.

What is your favourite album?

Deep Purple 'Made in Japan'

What do you do in your spare time?

Cycling, allotment, watching history documentaries, cooking and anything to do with the outside world.

You’re stuck in a lift: Who’s with you? They can’t be a family member.

The Archbishop of Canterbury. We came to know Christ at the same time in our lives.

What have you got to eat?

Nothing, I don't eat in public.

What music is playing?

'Won't get fooled again' by The Who or any prog, heavy or classic rock, blues, jazz and certain classical pieces.

What are you wearing?

Shirt and jeans.

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