Meet Us: Nathan Edwards

Nathan Edwards on 15th May 2020

Meet Us: Nathan Edwards

Name: Nathan Edwards
Location: Rural Fife, Scotland
Job: Web Developer

Explain your role in a charity website build.

My main role is the actual build of the website, that is, writing the code that makes a website work and getting it ready for the world to see. I’m also the contact point for a client so I spend a fair bit of time keeping them in the loop and getting their opinion on things. I make sure that everything is running smoothly and to schedule.

What makes development exciting to you?

I love that I can build something. If I can imagine it, then with enough time and energy, I can build it. I get excited to solve problems in new and better ways. I like to tell my clients that anything is possible–just that some things take more time and money!

Who are some of your inspirations?

Old school Google - back in the day when Larry Page and Sergey Brin created a search engine that was simple and fast, it did everything you needed it to and nothing more and it did it really really well.

What’s your favourite bit of work you’ve done?

Probably building my own superfast web platform that I think is great for charities and small businesses. Like all the best projects, it’ll never be fully complete of course!

Any work you wish you could take back?

Oof… anything I did more than 4 years ago? The thing with programming is both that it moves so quickly that the old way of doing things quickly becomes obsolete but also that you’re always learning and nothing is ever close to perfect!

If you could be paid to build anything, what would it be?

Hmm… I think the complete web presence of a large charity like Tearfund or Cancer Research. Something where it’s big enough to really do it right and also my efforts would definitely be a net positive to the world around me.

What is your favourite typeface?

Baskerville, easy! It’s just right - it’s readable, pleasing to the eye and don’t get me started on the italics.

How did you start developing?

My friend and I had something we wanted to build - a long defunct closed social network - and learning to code was the way to do it. That was back in school and so throughout university (studying maths) I was doing a bit of development work on the side. When, at the end of university, everyone was wondering what to do with their degree, it was a no brainer for me, go get a job as a developer. I actually started my job in between my finals and my graduation!

Favourite album?

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd. I’m pretty sure my dad lost my copy. I’m still looking out for the LP anyway.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m told by my son that I do gardening and geocaching. Gardening is more of a necessity and geocaching is something to do with the kids when I’m giving my wife a break! I love to cycle though most of my spare time is filled with DIY and, yes, gardening.

You’re stuck in a lift, who’s with you? They can’t be a family member.

Tim Berners-Lee - I really want to pick his brains.

What have you got to eat?

A multipack of Starbars, Texas BBQ Pringles and some Dr Pepper. I hope I’m not there more than a couple of hours!

What music is playing?

The Myths and Legends of King Arthur - Rick Wakeman

What are you wearing?

Woolen waistcoat (this lift better be air conditioned!), a nice suit, bow tie, Homburg. I’d basically look like a post-graduate student who’s trying too hard!

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