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About Us

The Charity Website is a family team who make great websites for charities and non-profits. We are passionate about making your cause heard in the ever changing web landscape, that's why we've made it our business to make great websites for great causes.

Who are we?

Nathan EdwardsNathan Edwards - Developer

Nathan loves building websites. It's his job and his hobby! Nathan has multiple years experience working in a business building websites that can deal with high demand and he's now passionate about making fast, beautiful websites.

He loves cycling, when he can get out on the road, and watching American Football. He's also starting to build a pretty good record collection!

Jonathan EdwardsJonathan Edwards - Designer

Jonathan has spent 30 years as a graphic designer most of it working for a large UK charity. He particularly loves typefaces, and using them rightly.

He's the father of Nathan and two daughters. He's married to Natalie. He likes cycling too!

Anna EdwardsAnna Edwards - Creative Consultant

Anna brings a fresh perspective on design and usability. Helping us connect better with your site's visitors.

She's married to Nathan, and they have two sons, Teddy and Reuben. They live in Fife, Scotland.

Why work with us?

Every charity website needs to do three things:

  1. Inform people about their cause and what they do.
  2. Excite people about joining in and volunteering.
  3. Encourage people to donate, because lets face it, every cause needs money.

To give an example, Tearfund do a great job of pointing you directly to these three areas with their headers, 'About Us', 'Get Involved', 'Donate Now'.

That's why we've built our system and our design philosophy with that in mind. We'll help you engage your audience and hopefully see your cause grow.


Here are a few projects we've worked on. We'd love to see yours here too, get in contact below to see if we could make your site.


Azalea are based in Luton, Bedfordshire and work with street workers. In their own words "We communicate to women in words and actions that they are valuable." They also help women get out from sexual exploitation and drug addiction, and lobby parliament for better laws.

Azalea Website

St Andrews Free Church

St Andrews Free Church are a Christ-centred, Bible-driven church in St Andrews, Fife. Our passion is to know Jesus & make him known.

St Andrews Free Church Website

The Harpenden Trust

The Harpenden Trust work within the community of Harpenden, Hertfordshire to help those within the community who need it. They do this in two main branches, working with community groups and local organisations and providing specific help to families and individuals.

Harpenden Trust Website

The School Grounds Company

The SGC is not actually a charity, but we made their website! They work with schools creating educational outdoor spaces and helping teachers make use of them.

School Grounds Company Website

Nell Goddard

Nell Goddard is a Christian blogger who's recently written a book. We migrated her site away from wordpress and updated it to be a bit more personal. Screenshot


Nathan and Anna both have blogs using our framework. A simple blog needs a good website just as much as a charity or business.

Blog Screenshot

Contact Us

Every website is different, so we can't advertise definite prices. A website starts from £400 depending on your requirements, please email us to see if we could build your website. We'd love to hear from you.

To get in touch send an email to